Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Easy Fabric Strip Wreath - St. Pattys

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I love wreaths. I stick one up on my front door and it suddenly feels more like home. This wreath idea is great because it's cute, and so easy and inexpensive. It only cost about $6 to make!

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With St. Patrick’s Day around the corner and no wreath to mark the festivities, I picked out coordinating green fabrics and ribbon. No pinching in our house this year.

What you need:
  • A wire hanger (just go look in your closet)
  • Fabric and ribbon
  • Scissors (good fabric cutting shears work best)

How to:
Untwist the wire hanger and mold it into a circle. It doesn’t need to be perfect, just round. 

Cut a BUNCH of strips out of your fabric. Shoot for about 7 inches long, and about 1 inch wide. I thought I had plenty of fabric and cut over 100 strips, but it was only enough for HALF of the wreath. Originally I bought 1/8th a yard of three different fabrics, but I ended up needing about twice that amount.

Tie the fabric/ribbon on the wire, one at a time. Push the tied strips close together. And you want to angle them so that the wreath fills out. I went in stages of three - one tie in the middle, one tie pushed to the left, one tie pushed to the right. And repeat. Make sure you are in a comfortable position because it takes a while. But the monotony is soothing if you like crafts - wreath therapy.

Once the wreath is filled, take another piece of long ribbon and make your hanger. Tada!

It's so easy, you could do this with your kids. You could even cut the wire hanger in half once it's straight, and make mini wreaths with the kids (use shorter strips).

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  1. I love this...could work for any holiday...might do a valentines too..